Creativity is a drug I cannot live without. (Cecil B. DeMille)


A native of Russia, Vera Neel grew up in a miraculous place on our planet where winters ice turns quickly to the heat of summer and you can see amazing changes in the unexplored wilderness all around. That place is southern Siberia in Russia. She absorbed that beauty of nature and her artistic soul always looked for an exit through art; ballet, music, drawing and photography were her partners in life as a child and young adult.
After moving to the United States from Russia in 2005, the study and practice of art helped her adjust to American life connecting with her newly adopted culture through drawing, painting, and computer design and by frequenting galleries and museums in New Mexico and other states.
Landscapes, animals and figurative painting are her favorite things to paint. She studied painting with masters such as David Mayer, Peter Nisbet, Leo Neufeld, Albert Handell, and many others, and participated in the Rio Grande Art Association, New Mexico Art League, and Artists Round Town..
Vera has had the opportunity to show her work in many local exhibitions and venues including the: Pasta House Cafe, New Mexico Bank & Trust, Lovelace Medical Center, Milly's Cafe, Albuquerque Little Theatre, Kimo Theatre, Harwood Art Center, Bernalillo County offices, Law School Gallery and various other locations. She was an exhibitor in the first annual Corrales Quilt and Wine Festival in 2008 and the 15th Annual New Mexico Masterworks Art show in 2013 and 2014.
Vera ’s interest in painting naturally evolved into an interest in digital art as she saw the work that other artists created with computers and software. Her desire to adapt the artistic skills she had with a palette knife and canvas to her own website led her to pursue a formal education in digital media and graphic design.
Building on her education, Vera is working in various media to create web and print media for businesses in several industries and building a substantial design portfolio, much of which is included on these pages.